Welcome to ExperiAI! We are here to explore the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in uncharted territories. This journey is led by a tech enthusiast with a strong foundation in Computer Science and Statistics, and a professional background in BI and Data Analytics.

The journey began as a quest to apply academic knowledge of statistics – an essential part of AI development – to real-life experiments. But with each step, the journey has become about more than just experimenting with AI. It’s about exploring how AI interacts with human emotions, self-development, identity, and philosophy.

We, at ExperiAI, are about pushing boundaries and venturing beyond the purely technical. Our experiments are designed to be shared openly and contribute to the growth of the AI community and beyond. Our code is open source, inviting all those curious and enthusiastic about AI to learn, experiment, and grow with us.

Whether you are an AI enthusiast, a tech explorer, or simply curious about the intersection of technology and philosophy, we hope our journey inspires and encourages you to think about AI in new and exciting ways.

Join us at ExperiAI as we delve into the future of AI, explore its potential, and redefine its boundaries. Your involvement can help us make ExperiAI a significant resource that not only contributes to the AI space but also inspires a new perspective towards technology.

“AI isn't replacing us, but enhancing our understanding of what it means to be human”

Diego Leal Togni